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Woods in Winter

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Woods in Winter

The panoramic painting “Woods in Winter” is a 360* wrap around view in which the first tree is also the last one (click here to view a panoramic viewing of this collection). For years I’ve wanted to create a room whose walls vanished into the illusion that it was the out-of-doors. This piece is a first step but with only 33′ of length the circle it makes is only 10′. I have shown the piece with half of it mounted in a semi-circle. This was quite exciting as it makes the shadows fall in place. I have drawn proposed stretchers that wrap around in a spiral but I’ve not yet built them. Another idea I entertain for this piece is to use technology to print it out enlarged to room height as a wallpaper. If the height went from the present 3′ up to 8′ the length would expand to 88′ which would paper a fair sized room.

Content wise this is a picture of a beautiful late afternoon in the woods in winter.

Sometimes painting something beautiful is enough.


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