Update 2016

July 8, 9 & 10 I will be showing pieces from the Cityscapes Collection at the 55th Anniversary Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. It will be three days out in the elements talking to hundreds of people. Come see me at Booth 183.

Early in 2016 I travelled to Manassas Virginia to take part in ilia Anossov’s master class fresco workshop. Iona Belcea had been commissioned to fresco the altar wall of a newly built chapel and ilia was the fresco consultant. The four day course was enlivened by a spectacular blizzard that had us snowed in. Presently I an working on an ambitious plan for my own large scale fresco. It will be a huge amount of work, incredibly heavy, hard to transport and fragile. Why? You might ask.

I have also been working on a series of geometric abstractions painted with stain on raw wood panels. These pieces were indirectly inspired by my study of the Sistine Chapel. While I have of late been hard pressed for time to pursue it, the potential of this exploration feels vast and exciting.

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