Upcoming Shows in 2015

Action Painting

24″ x 36″, acrylic on canvas

The fifth of May finds me moved in to Gallery A at the Robert McLaugh­lin Gallery in Oshawa. The Gallery is show­ing the “Drip Show”, fea­tur­ing the life and times of Jack­son Pollock.

I will attempt to explain the paint­ings at the artist talk/official open­ing 1–3pm Sat. May 9th.

For direc­tions to the gallery see their web­site or phone 905–576-3000.

This is a remount of the show pre­sent­ed at the Glad­stone in 2013 but now in a larg­er space and fea­tur­ing sev­er­al pre­vi­ous­ly unex­hib­it­ed or new pieces and the open­ing day artist talk. 

All are welcome.

DRIP SHOW Invite - Car


Mean­while, I con­tin­ue to pur­sue my fres­co stud­ies in a series I’m call­ing “Tak­ing Lessons from Mike”. While learn­ing to paint very quick­ly on wet plas­ter, I have pro­duced a series of close ups from the Sis­tine Chapel; sev­er­al Eves, Adam, God, sev­er­al mes­sen­gers of doom, the anguished, a side excur­sion to vis­it Car­avag­gio for John the Bap­tist’s head and Raphael for Pope Julius and the Vir­gin and Child. I have also worked to cre­ate a por­trait of Michelan­ge­lo which proves a chal­lenge as I have yet to find real­ly reli­able source from which to work.

Along with thank­ing Michelan­ge­lo. I would like to acknowl­edge ILia Annosov and the Fres­co School for the five CD set of fres­co paint­ing instruc­tion. they are very infor­ma­tive and soothing.Special thanks to Ben and The Lime Plas­ter Com­pa­ny for the fiv­er of love­ly put­ty. Find­ing Ben marked the cul­mi­na­tion of a lengthy and expen­sive search for hi-cal­ci­um lime. 

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-6

What exact­ly I intend to do with this fres­co­ing skill remains a ques­tion. Prac­ti­cal­ly, it has improved my plas­ter­ing tech­nique but wall paint­ing as a per­ma­nent dis­play seems to have lit­tle place in a world of con­stant change and per­son­al­ized decor. My present clien­tele is unlike­ly to sup­port the expense of fres­coed walls.

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-5

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-4

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-3

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-2

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-1

For those of you who missed last year’s ice bound show of the Cityscapes, I will be show­ing them again at Hedgerow Far­m’s “Peony Daze” this com­ing June. I will also be per­form­ing a set of orig­i­nal songs much like I did for the Wave Series at the Wych­wood Gallery. Con­tact me through the web­site for fur­ther information.


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