Update 2016

July 8, 9 & 10 I will be showing pieces from the Cityscapes Collection at the 55th Anniversary Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. It will be three days out in the elements talking to hundreds of people. Come see me at Booth 183.

Early in 2016 I travelled to Manassas Virginia to take part in ilia Anossov’s master class fresco workshop. Iona Belcea had been commissioned to fresco the altar wall of a newly built chapel and ilia was the fresco consultant. The four day course was enlivened by a spectacular blizzard that had us snowed in. Presently I an working on an ambitious plan for my own large scale fresco. It will be a huge amount of work, incredibly heavy, hard to transport and fragile. Why? You might ask.

I have also been working on a series of geometric abstractions painted with stain on raw wood panels. These pieces were indirectly inspired by my study of the Sistine Chapel. While I have of late been hard pressed for time to pursue it, the potential of this exploration feels vast and exciting.

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Upcoming Shows in 2015

Action Painting

24″ x 36″, acrylic on canvas

The fifth of May finds me moved in to Gallery A at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa. The Gallery is showing the “Drip Show“, featuring the life and times of Jackson Pollock.

I will attempt to explain the paintings at the artist talk/official opening 1-3pm Sat. May 9th.

For directions to the gallery see their website or phone 905-576-3000.

This is a remount of the show presented at the Gladstone in 2013 but now in a larger space and featuring several previously unexhibited or new pieces and the opening day artist talk.

All are welcome.

DRIP SHOW Invite - Car


Meanwhile, I continue to pursue my fresco studies in a series I’m calling “Taking Lessons from Mike”. While learning to paint very quickly on wet plaster, I have produced a series of close ups from the Sistine Chapel; several Eves, Adam, God, several messengers of doom, the anguished, a side excursion to visit Caravaggio for John the Baptist’s head and Raphael for Pope Julius and the Virgin and Child. I have also worked to create a portrait of Michelangelo which proves a challenge as I have yet to find really reliable source from which to work.

Along with thanking Michelangelo. I would like to acknowledge ILia Annosov and the Fresco School for the five CD set of fresco painting instruction. they are very informative and soothing.Special thanks to Ben and The Lime Plaster Company for the fiver of lovely putty. Finding Ben marked the culmination of a lengthy and expensive search for hi-calcium lime.

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-6

What exactly I intend to do with this frescoing skill remains a question. Practically, it has improved my plastering technique but wall painting as a permanent display seems to have little place in a world of constant change and personalized decor. My present clientele is unlikely to support the expense of frescoed walls.

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-5

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-4

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-3

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-2

Eric-Rosser-Taking Lessons-from-Mike-1

For those of you who missed last year’s ice bound show of the Cityscapes, I will be showing them again at Hedgerow Farm’s “Peony Daze” this coming June. I will also be performing a set of original songs much like I did for the Wave Series at the Wychwood Gallery. Contact me through the website for further information.


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Upcoming Shows in 2014

I will be showing work at Space Invaders in Oshawa, Ontario from September 19th to 27th 2014.

I will also be a guest artist at Ann Cummings Ceramic Studio during the Uxbridge Studio Tour on the 19th and 20th of September.

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Cityscapes Show

Thank you all for coming and making the show a success. Here are some pictures of the installation.




Installation Shots: Picture by Anne Collins

Photo by Steven Frank

Photo by Steven Frank

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