Picasso was a narcissistic, manipulative sex addict, who went through women like paint brushes and played them off one another for sport… Seeing a painting of him sorting laundry satisfies that same malicious itch as watching Mike Tyson getting walloped in the ring.

Catherine Porter
“Whitby artist portrays Picasso, the great master’s ‘Domestic Period’”
The Toronto Star, June 11, 2012

In the new book Domestic Picasso, Eric Rosser simultaneously salutes and gives the middle finger to one of the greatest artists of all time, both honouring Pablo Picasso’s contribution to culture and reminding readers of the man’s notoriously misogynistic views.

Rachel Phan
“Domestic Picasso reveals home is where the art is”
The National Post, June 12, 2012

Playing off famous Picasso paintings and iconic photographs of the artist, Rosser’s images—available in a sumptuously designed book with a foreward by critic John Bentley Mays that will be on sale at the exhibition—show, among other poignant moments, Picasso changing diapers, helping neighbour ladies hang drapes, taking out the trash and wondering what to cook for dinner. What valuable life lessons the man himself missed out on.

Brian Bethune
“Picasso doing the laundry and hanging the drapes”
Macleans, June 7, 2012